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              Frequently Asked Question

We try to please all our customers the best that we can so if you still have any questions in mind, dont hesitate to call or email us. We appreciate you!


How does the bus look that is taking me to Key West? 

It is a 56-passenger coach bus. The tour is provided by "Miami Travel and Tours" and it will say it on the side of the bus. 
At what time bus departs from Miami?

Bus departs from Downtown Miami around 7:30 AM. 

When do I need to go downstairs to wait for the bus?

You should be downstairs of the pick up location around 10 minutes prior to the pickup time that is listed below the location you chose in your booking. 

At what time bus departs from Key West? 
Bus will depart from Key West at around 5:30PM however passengers should be there 10 minutes earlier. 

When does the bus arrive to Key West? 
The bus ride is about 3.5 hours but we stop to have breakfast for 30 minutes (not included) so we get there around 11:30AM or earlier. 

At what time bus will arrive back to Miami? 
We arrive back to Downtown Miami around 9:30 PM

What is the meeting point in Key West?
The meeting point in Key West is in front of the Mel Fisher Museum: 200 Greene Street, Key west, FL. 33040.

Do i need to show any vouchers or documents?

No, a printed receipt is not necessary to board the bus. We just need you to be downstairs of your pickup location at the correct time to board the bus.

Can i bring food or drink on board?

Unfortunately,  food and drinks are not allowed on board of the coach bus however you may bring water in bottles only. We will stop for breakfast along the way to Key West . 

Is there a restroom on the bus?

Yes. there is but we only allow passengers to urinate there. Doing otherwise, will stink up the whole bus. Nobody wants that!

How late may I reserve a seat for the following day?

We accept reservations until 11:00 PM but sometimes we may not have availability so you would have to call ahead of time. 

 What should i bring? 

We suggest that you bring a camera, a Towel, sun lotions, a swimsuit, and a bottle of water. But it also depends on what you plan on doing in Key West. 

 In case of cancellations for bad weather will i get a refund?

Definitely, if we cancel our trip or any of the activities in Key West you will get a full refund or a partial refund for the cancelled part of the tour only.

 Infants under 2 years that ride free will get a seat?

Unless there are empty seats on board, they will have to go on the lap. 

 What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to it. 

 If i don't show up on the right date, time and place will i be able to reschedule at a later time?

Yes, but there is a $30 penalty fee. 

 Is there Wi-Fi on the Bus?

Yes there is! We cant promise it works perfectly at all times though. 

Can i bring luggage on the bus traveling to Key West?

Absolutely! We have space for luggage but please dont go overboard with the amount of bags.