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Experience the best of the Keys with these activities


GlassBottom Boat

The aqua blue waters of Key West is the home for one of the most diverse biospheres under the water. A ride on a glass bottom boat that allows you to see the beauty of this natural marine park. Check out the life of the underwater world in the Keys. Great adventure for the kids! 

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Parasailing to paradise! Float yourself up for a bird's eye view of your favorite small town, Key West! This rapid flight will give you everything you want for your holiday - sun, water, sea breeze, and the feeling of absolute freedom, forgetting all your troubles.

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 Snorkel the Reef

Key West snorkeling offers a complete package that makes for a spectacular experience under the sea. Enjoy a once in a lifetime contact with diverse marine life and be enthralled by sightings of the famous humpback dolphin in the crystal clear blue waters of Key West.

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Dolphins are so cute and adorable to watch. They have an awesome synchronization with their twirls and dynamic bodily movements, it’s a treat to everyone’s eyes watching dolphins doing their activities in Key West backwaters as well as lakes. 

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    Sunset Sail

Sunset sailing in Key West is an enjoyable and enthralling experience for everyone. Beat a retreat from the engagements and stress of the daily life and take pleasure in a relaxed sailing in the company of your friends and family. This is a memorable experience so remember to bring your camera!

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        Jet Ski 

Explore our island the best way! You can enjoy the water along with a Jet Ski to live a thrilling experience. Our expert guides are there to guide as you visit the Key West back country, the Southernmost Point, Key West Marine Sanctuary , Past Mallory Square, remote islands as well as some of the most spectacular natural beauty you’ll ever see.

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